What Crystal Is Best For Me?

Choosing a crystal is a very personal experience and it can be overwhelming as there are just so many to choose from! Below are some words of advice from us on how to choose a crystal for you.

I believe that crystals choose us, and not the other way around.
For choosing a crystal online, set your intentions to pick a crystal that will benefit you the most. An intention to work on a specific area of your life.
Get rid of any doubt and allow yourself to be guided and eventually you will be pulled to a specific crystal.
I find that whatever you need will call you in and match your intention. You’ll be pleasantly surprised once you see the properties of the crystal that has drawn you in. A feeling of, ‘Oh, I actually need that!’.

Once you keep doing this process, your knowledge of crystals will eventually grow and you will become more familiar with each crystal.  

When going to a physical crystal shop, the process will be similar. Allow yourself to be guided over to what you need until you reach the one that says ‘YOU!’.
Ton x