About Us




Welcome to Reikrystals! (A combination of Reiki and Crystals)

We are Ton & Anna, a couple of twin-flame healers.

Anna is a Psychic Medium, Energy Reader who has been doing so for over 5 years and Ton is a Reiki Master and content creator.

We have 2 beautiful girls, Evie (7) and Aurora (newborn) and live in Watford, England.

We have both been using crystals for well over 5 years and stumbled across them along our healing journeys. We've been fascinated by their metaphysical properties and impact they've had on our lives, so we want to share that with you.

Our aim is to share the healing of gemstones by making them accessible to anyone and everyone through our favourite accessories, household appliances and jewellery, with the intention of healing.

We ethically source and hand-select all of our crystals from all around the globe, mainly South America, and fuel each of them with Reiki energy to give them that extra healing kick!

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!

Big hugs,

Ton & Anna x