Labradorite Gemstone Phone Grip

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Genuine Labradorite GemGrip

GemGrip benefits:

✅ Secure
✅ Swappable crystal tops
✅ Reiki-infused
✅ Carry a crystal around with you everywhere you go 😍

Our current batch of labradorite do not have blue flashes. They vary from lighter to darker shades of grey!

Each crystal is 100% natural and as a result will vary in size and pattern. We ethically source our crystals from all around the world. Some crystals may have natural identations and slight scratches. Our gemstone phone grips vary from 5cm-7cm and weigh approximately 40g.

Crystals are not bulletproof and as a result can break if enough force is applied to them. We are not responsible for crystals breaking in your possession and will not refund you if they break. Please take care of them!

*Phone Case not included

✨ Raise your frequency today with your own Reikrystals Gemstone Phone grip today!